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The Dreaded Essay

A college essay help community

Dreaded Essay - College Essay Help
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Welcome to Dreaded Essay-

A college application essay help community. I noticed that college_help was getting overwhealmed with college essay questions and decided to make a community especially to relieve the stress of the "dreaded" essay.

How should you use this community?

- Post general questions about essays.
ex. Which one of these prompts is best for me?
If they say 250 words, do they really mean 250 words?
If I write one essay, can I use it for another school?

- Set up a buddy system for proofreading essays.
ex. Make a post saying you're willing to exchange with "x" number of people either through email or some other form to go over the essays.

- Post your ideas for your essays to see which one you should use.

- Share advice given to you by couselors or admissons directors with other students.

What is this community NOT?

We are not admissions counselors, we're just students going through the same thing as you. What is said here is not Fact, it's just our opinions. You are welcome to take or leave any and all suggestions.

Please remember:

- This community is not responsible for the actions of it's members.
- Be careful giving out your email or any essays with personal information in them.
- What is said is not always true for EVERY college
- Unfortunately there are mean people and by giving out your essay, someone could take it.
- Everything here is merely advice, not a life or death requirement
- Keep a positive attitude, we're here to help each other, because face it, essays are reallllly confusing.
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